Iaca pun aici o poezie pe care am găsit-o într-o carte. De ce? Pentru că-mi plac mie ultimele două versuri, de aia!

Shake Prayer

Open to them your hand to the shore, watch them walk into the sea.
Press upon them all they need, see them yearn for all they want.
Gift to them the calm pool of words, watch them drove the sword.
Bless upon them the satiation of peace, see them starve from war.
Grant them darkness and they will lust for light.
Deliver to them death and hear them beg for life.
Beget life and they will murder your kin.
Be as they are and they will see you different.
Show wisdom and you are a fool
The shore gives way to the sea
And the sea, my friend,
Does not dream of you.

(Steven EriksonReaper’s Gale)

Fotografia este de Noah Grey, cu care o să vă fac capul pătrat de îndată ce o să pot să scriu despre el aşa cum merită.